The spiral landscape: Infinite action!

14th international encounter of action poetry and performance

The spiral landscape: Infinite action!

Poster: “RESPONEM JUNTES”. Concept and action: Paloma Orts
Photo: Joan Casellas-Arxiu Aire.

It seems that history repeats. We are making circles, but these circles have a spiral dynamic, cyclically return to the same radius but in another dimension up or down … on 28 th July 1968, Man Ray portrait Duchamp in Cadaqués with his last anniversary cake. The framing of the photograph cuts Duchamp’s head and focuses on the cake that has his name and he holds between his legs. The lower angle left of the photo, in a slightly forced way, shows a rare anonymous readymade, a set of the Bisbal with the typical spiral decoration, echo pop of all Duchampian spirals…

The Muga Caula takes a new turn in this spiral and they are already 14! Duchamp, unconscious father of action art, guides us but does not order us and so we do what we want, even though we commemorate the 50 th anniversary of his death and celebrate the centenary of his most strange painting, Tu m’ that, among other contributions, introduced simultaneously with Zara and Hausmann the manicula within the iconography Dada, that hand that points; guide of the antiform. The artists of the Muga Caula follow or not the Dada manicula, eat or not of Duchamp’s cake and turn happy in the transtemporal spiral of the Meeting choosing their preferred radio where to express themselves and / or communicate.

Our artistic spiral feels the reflections of other parallel spirals; those of Syria, that shrink the heart; the umpteenth time re-election of Putin, that dulls the head; the legal aberrations of Llarena, that freeze the blood; and a thousand more. What can our spiral do in the face of these fearsome reflections; vibrate with art and look for a new human landscape.


With the private sponsorship of: and Jane Quinn & Martin Duignan; Bienvenido Hernández i Teresa Ramírez.





Tuesday, 5 June

Exposició El paisatge espiral

19.00 h

Obres de tots els participants a la 14a Muga Caula

Saturday, 1 September

Inauguració de l’exposició El paisatge documental 2017

12.00 h

Videoreportatge de Xavier Moreno i fotografies de Petra Vlasman

Wednesday, 12 September

Taller internacional de performance. A càrrec de Jelili Atiku

Friday, 14 September

Inauguració de la 14a edició de la Muga Caula

19.00 h

Parlaments i refrigeri

Accions inaugurals

20.00 h–21.00 h

Natalia Espinet i Vallés
Eliana Beltrán

Sopar a càrrec de la cuina artística de Fausto Grossi

21.00 h–22.00 h

De NY a la Bisbal, un paisatge espiral

22.00 h–22.30 h

50 aniversari del traspàs de Marcel Duchamp (1968-2018)
Vídeo-clip-ponència de Joan Casellas

BE espiral (Breu i Espontani a MD en el 50 aniversari de la seva mort)

22.30 h

Saturday, 15 September

Accions consecutives

11.30 h–13.00 h

Paloma Orts
Antoni Karwowski
Abel Bàguena

Dinar a càrrec de la cuina artística de Fausto Grossi

14.00 h

Accions consecutives

16.30 h–18.00 h

Nenad Bogdanovic
Jesús García Plata
Isabel Corullón

Accions consecutives

18.15 h–21.00 h

Cecile Richard
Ramón Guimaraes
Ana Milovanovic
Jelili Atiku

Sopar a càrrec de la cuina artística de Fausto Grossi

21.00 h

Concert de la rapera JOINA

22.15 h

Sunday, 16 September

Presentació de llibre

11.00 h

Signos y significados, de Johanna Speidel

Accions duracionals simultànies per part de tots els artistes de la trobada

12.00 h–14.00 h

Dinar de germanor i clausura de la 14a trobada.

14.00 h