On the occasion of the 15th edition La Muga Caula closes one phase and begins another

After 15 editions the international encounter of action poetry and performance La Muga Caula comes to an end. There have been more than 500 performances of 250 artists around the world: Catalan Countries and Spain, Portugal, Cabo Verde, France, Italy, England, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Israel, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Congo, Afghanistan, Japan, Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia. A great amount of action artists that have presented their works of action poetry, phonetic poetry, polypoetry and performance in diverse ways: with one-minute actions in the BE (brief and spontaneous) event, of 30 to 40 minutes in the consecutive actions, of 2 hours in the simultaneous durational actions and in group actions, always focusing in the natural and architectural landscape of our land. Living together and exchanging experiences with the neighbours who attend the actions and leave their houses to host the artists. To the
volunteers that collaborate in cooking for everybody, to assist the artists. With the committed public that lives the three days and two nights of the festival as a whole experience.

We conclude the live art encounter for two reasons, one natural and the other circumstantial:

Year after year we have worked to improve the encounter. First in relation to the artists, with their honorariums and resources and with a wider circulation of their work through the exhibition of artworks and documents, graphic editions and publications. We have also aimed to do organisational and management improvements, especially towards the audience by offering more information of each artist through diverse modalities of action, documentation and communication.
Finally we have reached a limit in terms of logistic and personal energy. We do not have more space to continue growing and we do not have the same energy than 15 years ago, and this is simply natural. We prefer to end now, in full euphoria than in a gradual decay.

We also finish because it becomes impossible to continue forward, improve and especially offer a replacement when the public procedures for financing this type of events are insufficient and precarious, in terms of the economic support they provide but also in the form in which the support is awarded, lacking any appreciation towards established projects. We can only think that there is a chronic lack of understanding towards this type of experimental art or a perverse politic of ending these projects in the extent that they cannot become established and with the evil certainty that the country’s creativity will always create new projects and in this form the experimental quota will remain covered without any compromise.
We have always said it and we repeat it: There are artistic proposals that cannot acquire their “own income” nor receive “private sponsoring” when there is no compensation to offer to the companies. Not everything is “cultural industry”. We are the R&D of the cultural and therefore, practices of this type must be observed not from a profitability or self-maintenance but as social and future investments. For all this we finish.


There is always a future, and La Muga Caula, like a great stone in the sun has accumulated a lot of energy, in the form of documents, editions, objects and works related to our long practice of action art. All this heritage will be made available to those interested with the opening to the public of our Archive in a physical space in Les Escaules and also in the Museu de l’Empordà where we have donated all our artist editions, in the Fages de Climent Library where we have opened a “virtual bookshelf” of action art and visual and action poetry books and also in our website. All this we will continue feeding with new exhibitions (and we have already 25!), as well as with the continuity of seminars, residences and workshops, seeking the complicity of schools and universities, in short, La Muga Caula continues as a space for study and dissemination of action art.

We have yet another news facing the future of the Muga Caula, but we reserve it as a surprise for the 15 September, when we will offer the cake of the 15 years, work of the baker poet, Angel Rodríguez and with the presence of Marcel Duchamp like a meme that has returned!