Workshop by Jelili Atiku

The Space is not IDIOT, I am Not GENIUS (Egungun Method #1)

Workshop by Jelili Atiku

From 12th to 14th September 2018
The workshop will take place the previous days to the International Meeting of Action Poetry and Performance La Muga Caula.

at les Escaules (Alt Emprodà) Catalonia, Spain.


The workshop, The Space is not IDIOT, I am Not GENIUS (Egungun Method #1) is created to focus on enhancing performance abilities and identities of the participants – where they can create performance actions referencing their
personal and collectives’ experiences. It will integrate independent and collaborative creative processes and artistic development with curatorial and production skills. It will involve an intense and rigorous engagement with body, space and objects based on the principles and ideas of the ontological and epistemological certainties. It will explore the question, what is a thing?
In the first two days, participants will be involved in the introduction to performance and the processes of aligning to their selves’ distinct body languages, deep understanding of objects selected from their archival memories; and materials that are readily available in the environment. The second day will interrogate daily rituals to develop and contextualize their individual project which will be performed in the last day of the workshop.


Price: 100 €.

Limited places.

The workshop will be in English.