Brossa Dada : an endless landscape of action

15th international encounter of action poetry and performance

Brossa Dada : an endless landscape of action

Poster: “Illusional Delusion”. Concept and action: NON GRATA.
Photo: Joan Casellas-Arxiu Aire.

Everything finishes and everything begins again and we have arrived up to here, it is our END . The day that the smoke of Marcel Duchamp’s cigar mixed with the steam of the Caula, our adventure was spawned. Many achievements and artistic inventions animate this hot border with the gift of perpetual movement…

Joan Brossa, Catalan readymade artist , was born a hundred years ago the “day” in which Duchamp made two monumental claptraps: to paint moustaches to the Gioconda ensuring that “she has a hot ass” and “sell” to a collector in New York 50cc of Paris air. We sell air from the Caula and undisciplined approach our teachers: Duchamp and Elsa von Freitag Loringhoven, Man Ray, Mina Loy, Dalí, Maruja Mallo and for the last meeting Joan Brossa in the year of his centenary.

Under the influence of Dada, Brossa invented the square carriage wheel, the post theatre and a seven sided dice and another one rounded, even more difficult; like Duchamp himself, without making a single performance, he became master of it and here we harbor a secret: the art of action is not a kinetic or futuristic question, nor even less realistic, but real if it has been 5,475 days of action by more than 250 artists from around the world. With these last artists the moustachioed Gioconda will continue throwing the seven sided dice; we will play this last game with joy as we imagine the new spaces of this landscape of endless action. A door that closes and opens at the same time or a paradoxical square wheel of the Catalan Republic Carriage that suddenly slides like a sleigh on the light that has been given to us…



Saturday 31 August

Opening of the exhibition El paisatge documental 2018


Film Els deixebles de Marcel Duchamp by Josep Pérez
Exhibition of the photos by Denys Blacker

Friday 13 September

V Trobada d’Espais de Creació i Producció de Catalunya

10.00h–16.30 h

Encounter organised by Xarxaprod (, hosted by La Muga Caula

Opening of the 15th edition of La Muga Caula

19.00 h

Presentations and snacks

Opening Actions

20.00 h–21.00 h

Theodor di Ricco
Rosa Grau

Diner in charge of Nyamnyam

21.00 h

BE brossia (Breu i Espontani dedicated to Joan Brossa)

22.00 h

Master of ceremonies: Rolls Rolf Langhans

Saturday 14 September

Consecutive Actions

11.00 h –14.00 h

Hobo from the group NON GRATA
Littel Tom from the group NON GRATA
Alicia Cayuela
Yannos Majestikos

Lunch in charge of Nyamnyam

14.00 h

Consecutive Actions

16.30 h–18.00 h

Quim Pujol
David Montosa
Silvia Antolín

Consecutive Actions

18.30 h–21.00 h

Paco Justícia
Anonymus Boh from the group NON GRATA
Taje Devilgril from the group NON GRATA

Diner in charge of Nyamnyam

21.00 h

Book Launch Galeries by Marte R. Sobrecuesta

22.00 h

Performative presentation by Marta R. Sobrecuesta


22.30 h

Els Delai (catalan rumba)

Sunday 15 September

Book Launches

11.00 h

Diver univers. Non Grata (various authors)
Presented by Taje Tros

Ritos de Paso (various authors)
Presented by Nieves Correa

Arte de acción y autoayuda, by Yolanda Perez Herrera
Presented by Yolanda Perez Herreras

De la nube al papel. 136 mini video performances. Tres años on line, by Isabel León.
Presented by Isabel León.

Simultaneous Durational Actions

12.00 h –14.00 h

by all the Artists

Paella germanor

14.00 h

in charge of Juanjo Rodríguez

Cake of the 15 years

15.00 h

Pastís mandala in charge of the poet-baker Àngel Rodríguez

Marcel Duchamp’s Visit

16.00 h

as a messenger of surprising news!

Group Photo

with Marcel Duchamp and all the artists, volunteers and La Muga Caula’s team. Photo in charge of Paco Justicia

Pyrotechnic party and closing ceremony of the 15th and last Muga Caula

Monday 16 September

Performance Workshops

for teenagers and children with Ruben Barroso

Tuesday 3 December

Opening of the exhibition L'acció contra la poesia i viceversa 15 anys de Trobada Internacional de Poesia d'Acció i Performace La Muga Caula

19.00 h