The action of the Caula fountain

13th international encounter of action poetry and performance

The action of the Caula fountain

A waterfall works symbolically the two masterpieces of Marcel Duchamp – the Large Glass 1912-1936, and Étant donnés 1946-1966 – and for this reason we are fascinated by the unique1 known photo of the master Dada next to a waterfall: the Caula; its warm waters are twinned with Duchamp’s most famous ready-made: the Urinal-Fountain from 1917.

The Fountain opens the door to the symbolic gesture and prefigures the performances that Duchamp shortly afterwards made explicit with his transforming photo-performances as Rrose Selavy. Also Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, inspirer of Rrose Selavy and first model of Étant donnés, becomes proto performer and invents with Duchamp the ready-made, and could even be the mysterious friend who sent the Urinal to the First Exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists of New York… Thus the Fountain of Marcel and Elsa, beyond the thermal bonding, becomes a reference of performance art that promotes La Muga Caula.

By metaphysical confluence, this year 2017, Arxiu Aire (Archive Aire), promoter of La Muga Caula and producer of its posters, turns 25, an event that intersects with the photos of Duchamp in the Caula and the elongated shadow of the Fountain. We celebrate Dada again, the Caula and all the photo-performances that cross it quickly. Now, like a hundred years ago, the world is drowning among wars (military, ecological and commercial). Artists replicate with the action of art: rethinking “reality” and seeking life in all aspects…


1 Today, as result of our research, six more are known, all in the Caula.



Saturday 2 September

Inauguració de l'exposició El paisatge documental 2016 .


Videoreportatge d'Habitual vídeo Team (Josep M. Jordana i Lis Costa) i fotografies de Paco Justicia de la 12a edició de la Muga Caula.

Friday 15 September

Inauguració de la 13a edició de la Muga Caula


Parlaments i refrigeri.

Accions Inaugurals


Adelaide Maresca, Fausto Grossi.



amb la cuina artística de Clara Garí i Mar Serinyà.

Projecció del vídeo Portrait tactile

de Jordi Cerdà & Claude Jeanmart. 6 minuts, any 2016.



Presentació del llibre Escriptures alçurades de Carles Hac Mor, de l'Editorial Rata, a càrrec d'Ester Xargay i Jordi Carulla.

BE (Breu i Espontani), dedicat a Carles Hac Mor.


Saturday 16 September

Accions consecutives


Isil Sol Vil, Eduard Escoffet, Hilla Steinert.

Dinar sorpresa


amb la cuina artística de Clara Garí i Mar Serinyà.

Accions consecutives


Juliette Murphy, Marina Barsy Janer, Pía Sommer.

Accions consecutives


Paco Cumpián, Inari Virmakoski, Pedro Bericat, Souad Douibi.

Cuina artística


de Clara Garí i Mar Serinyà.



Venivinum (Salvador Giralt, Marc Egea i Jordi Rallo).

Sunday 17 September



del llibre Arbres de sal desdibuixada d'Àngel Rodríguez (Boadella d'Empordà) i la revista Casos de estudio 4 de Rubén Barroso (Sevilla).

Accions duracionals simultànies


per part de tots els artistes de la trobada.

Dinar de germanor i clausura de la 13a trobada